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The Elam Ending

The Basketball Tournament has finally scored with the Elam Ending.   In case you’ve missed it, The Basketball Tournament has adopted Nicholas Patrick’s “hybrid game format for basketball duration” for its preliminary rounds.  The format is known now as the Elam Ending, in honor of the author’s last name.  Nicholas initially explained the Elam Ending

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A College Football World Series?

Ecstatic about the new College Football Playoff set to begin in 2014? You’re not alone, and some fans are thrilled simply because the hot-button debate is ending. But what about the beginning? It turns out that the concept of a college football playoff has been around since at least 1960 when Northwestern University athletic director

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Football Injuries at Harvard Before and After the 1906 Reforms

During a brutal 1905 football season resulting in multiple fatalities, President Theodore Roosevelt met with college officials to discuss reforming the sport. By December 1905, 62 schools had appointed a rules committee for intercollegiate football. In January, reforms were set in motion, including the legalization of the forward pass and the banning of unnecessary roughness.

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