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The Elam Ending

The Basketball Tournament has finally scored with the Elam Ending.   In case you’ve missed it, The Basketball Tournament has adopted Nicholas Patrick’s “hybrid game format for basketball duration” for its preliminary rounds.  The format is known now as the Elam Ending, in honor of the author’s last name.  Nicholas initially explained the Elam Ending

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Overthinking Overtime

As football’s overtime format has been debated and changed over the years, it seems each effort to address a particular concern has introduced a new concern of its own. The NCAA introduced overtime in 1996, in part, to eliminate ties from the game. But by doing so, many college football games turn into absolute marathons,

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The Hallmarks of Quality Metrics

In a previous article I discussed some of the shortcomings of OPS as an advanced metric, which naturally leads to the question: “What are the characteristics of good advanced metrics?” While the relative importance of each criterion is debatable (the list that follows is in no particular order), the considerations should be relatively non-controversial. I’ve

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